Warehouse Pressure Washing: How to Keep Your Warehouse Clean With a Power Washer

warehouse pressure washing

Between a seemingly endless influx of inventory, personnel, and vehicles, the sheer size of most warehouses, and frequent debris accumulation, keeping a warehouse clean can be a major challenge.

However, businesses worldwide have been pressure washing industrial buildings for decades, with warehouse pressure washing being no exception. This is thanks to efficient cleaning power and a simple learning curve that reduces cleaning time to a fraction of the amount manual scrubbing requires.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about pressure washing warehouses, including why it is so beneficial, how to choose among the many types of pressure washers on the market, and more.

And once you have finished our pressure washer warehouse guide, you can buy or rent a machine at Hotsy of Houston, the #1 choice for an industrial pressure washer in Houston. We pair decades of combined experience in the industry with a friendly team of Southeast Texas natives to ensure you have everything you need to streamline your cleaning tasks.

Why Invest in Warehouse Pressure Washing?

Let’s start our pressure washer warehouse guide by exploring why making the switch is a fantastic choice for your business.

Pressure washing warehouse floors allows you to cultivate a safe and hygienic environment within your storage facilities. This increases asset value and helps your business put its best face forward for vendors and clients. Plus, warehouse pressure washing is extremely efficient and helps you free up space on your staff schedule.

Enhanced Safety and Hygiene

Safety is at the top of any industrial business’s list of concerns. Pressure washing warehouse floors will help optimize the safety of your storage facility by efficiently removing slip-and-fall hazards. This helps protect staff, vendors, and visitors touring the facility.  You will also be preserving the quality of your products for the well-being of your customers.

Similarly, warehouse pressure washing also helps to create a sanitary environment within your facility. By washing away grime, grease, and dirt, you will put your team in the best position possible to perform their duties efficiently.

Asset and Infrastructure Protection

Warehouses are the heart and soul of your business. They often contain thousands of valuable assets, whether you are selling small consumer goods or large wholesale products.

Introducing a warehouse pressure washing routine into your operations will help maintain and even increase the value of your commercial property.

This can include preventing the buildup of materials like mold and mildew from affecting your products or keeping the building’s exterior well-maintained. For instance, many warehouse operators also include pressure washing parking lots in their routines to provide an excellent first impression on vendors and investors.

As another example, a power washer can be a great asset in case of unforeseen issues. Pressure washing graffiti vandalism can be an excellent way to ensure your infrastructure avoids costly production delays.

The Speed and Efficacy of Power Washers Over Other Solutions

Among all the benefits of warehouse pressure washing, one of the first things business owners gush over when making the switch is the massive improvement in cleaning speed they receive.

After all, warehouses can be massive, with plenty of tiny nooks and crannies that are difficult to clean effectively. Alternative methods like manual scrubbing are far too slow, while chemical cleaners can pose a safety risk to your staff or contaminate your products.

Pressure washing warehouses allow you access to cleaning speed and power without drawbacks. The high-pressure water streams are effective at removing stubborn or embedded stains like dirt, grease, or oil; all you have to do is figure out the right tools for the job.

Choosing Your Warehouse Pressure Washing Equipment

Speaking of machines and soap, the next stop in our pressure washer warehouse guide is to help you figure out the ideal equipment for your needs.

While having a one-size-fits-all solution for every business’s warehouse cleaning needs would be nice, optimizing your equipment will lead to the best results.

We will need to consider factors like the difference between hot water vs cold water pressure washers, how to weigh specifications like pressure washer PSI vs GPM and choose the best soap for pressure washers in a warehouse setting.

Assessing Cleaning Requirements

The first step in starting your warehouse pressure washing journey is to analyze all of your cleaning needs. The type of equipment you need for a very small storage facility with poor ventilation is significantly different from that for a massive warehouse with plenty of ventilation and large open spaces.

Gather all of the information you need. Consider the number of small nooks and crannies in your warehouse and the types of stains you frequently encounter. Debris, like oil and grease from vehicles or machinery, requires more power than dust or dirt.

You will also use this information to judge whether you should buy or rent a pressure washer. If you have a very large storage facility that needs constant cleaning, buying may be a better choice, while a small setup with only occasional dust buildup may be better suited for renting.

Selecting the Right Pressure Washer

After reviewing your storage facility’s details, you will use this information to guide your shopping journey. We’ll begin by finding the ideal machine for your needs.

First, there is the engine type you need. The gas vs electric pressure washer debate ultimately comes down to a few factors for pressure washing warehouses.

Gas-powered models are generally more powerful but have a significant drawback: They are not safe for poorly ventilated areas. If your warehouse has no ventilation and contains many tight spaces, you are better off with an electric model.

Conversely, electric pressure washers are safe for indoor use but may have some mobility concerns if you do not have easy access to power outlets.

Following engine type, it is then best to weigh water temperature. While you can find both industrial hot water pressure washers in Houston and their cold counterparts, your cleaning needs will determine which works best for you.

Heated models are more powerful but also more expensive. If you have minor cleaning needs, such as dust and dirt, and do not plan to use your machine in other contexts, an industrial cold water pressure washer in Houston would be a better choice.

You will also need to consider a couple of critical specifications: pressure washer PSI and GPM.

PSI stands for pounds per square inch, denoting the amount of pressure flowing from your machine at any given time.

Conversely, GPM on a pressure washer stands for gallons per minute and describes how much water flows out. Both are crucial as if you are deficient in either one, your water stream will be unable to do its job.

We recommend a minimum of 2,000 PSI and 2 to 4 GPM for most warehouse tasks, though tougher stains like grease and oil require more power.


Don’t Forget the Detergent!

Water alone will only get you halfway to your desired results. Another critical factor in the efficacy of power washing is pressure washer detergent.

We recommend choosing biodegradable detergents specifically formulated for industrial use, like Hotsy Breakthrough or Hotsy Verde All-Purpose. Be sure to consider the underlying surface area, as powerful degreasers may be overkill in the presence of some types of material.

Additionally, learning how to add soap to a pressure washer is simple. Just fill up your detergent tank or an external container and apply it as part of the cleaning process.

Other Accessories and PPE You Need

Warehouses contain several hard-to-reach areas, so you may think you must shuffle all your containers and boxes around just to clean them.

However, the best pressure washer accessories can simplify the process. Accessories like foam cannons, extension wands, rotating brushes, and surface cleaners allow you to reach tall heights under containers and machinery and effortlessly scrub those stubborn stains.

You can find these pressure washer parts in Houston at our store, like the Hotsy X-Jet, Surface Cleaner, or Foam Cannon.

Beyond accessories, equip your staff with PPE, including safety goggles, gloves, protective clothing, and non-slip pressure washing boots.

Now that your pressure washer equipment list is complete and you are ready to shop, all that is left for you to figure out is where to rent a pressure washer to try out the efficient cleaning power for yourself!

Thankfully, we have just the place in mind.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Pressure Washing Warehouse Floors, Walls, Equipment, and More

Okay, you know the benefits of pressure washing warehouses and where to shop, but what about how to use a pressure washer? Let’s cover that below before you run off to start shopping.

Preparing Your Warehouse for Pressure Washing

Before you load a single drop of water into the tank of your machine, you will want to prepare your cleaning area. Move any large vehicles, machinery, or other materials that could affect your mobility or be prone to damage from the high-pressure water stream.

Once that’s done, we recommend going over your areas to identify any spots that need extra attention. This will help you focus your efforts and see the need for any do-overs during the process.

Setting Up Our Equipment

With your cleaning area set up, you will organize your equipment. Put on your PPE, then start configuring your pressure washer by connecting the hose to the water supply. Ensure that all connections are secure and leak-free to prevent any issues.

Afterward, you will attach nozzles or spray tips, including accessories like the Hotsy Extension Wands. Once everything is connected, briefly test your machine and adjust settings as needed.

You will then fill your detergent tank or an external container, which will be used at the start of the cleaning process.

Overview of the Actual Cleaning Process

The cleaning process itself is relatively straightforward. We recommend beginning with the most prominent areas possible, using gravity as an aid if you plan to clean your walls and floors. Keep your wand around 6-12 inches from any surface, and use sweeping, overlapping motions to ensure complete coverage.

After applying detergent, analyze your cleaning area for missed spots while letting it soak for about 5 minutes.

Spot Treatment for Tough Stains

Stubborn stains require extra effort. To tackle these embedded areas, we recommend using additional detergent and accessories like the Hotsy Surface Cleaner. Adjust the PSI and GPM higher for tough stains like oil and grease.

Rinsing and Drying Protocols

Following the detergent soaking process, rinse your cleaning area with water. Once again, check for missed spots, and if you are confident that all the stains are removed, begin drying.

We recommend air drying in most cases, though industrial fans can also speed up the process. While everything dries, you will want to know how to store a pressure washer. This usually involves detaching accessories, nozzles, and hoses and placing your machine in a cool and dry place.

Coming Up With a Consistent Warehouse Cleaning Schedule

Consistency is the key to long-term success, and your cleaning needs are no exception. We recommend setting aside time once or twice a month, depending on your cleaning volume and needs.

Ideally, this time should be relatively low-traffic and should involve dedicated staff who can be trained in the power washing process. This ensures a consistent set of results and will set your business up for success in the long run.

Bringing Our Pressure Washer Warehouse Guide to a Close

Overall, pressure washing warehouses is the best way to keep your storage facilities pristine. You can reap the rewards of enhanced safety, asset protection, and a speedy clean that surpasses manual scrubbing.

For all your pressure washing needs in Southeast Texas, check out Hotsy of Houston! We are an authorized Hotsy dealer with decades of combined experience.

Our friendly team can help answer all your questions, like how to maintain a pressure washer, which pressure washing pre-treatments to use, and what an ideal pressure washer hose length looks like.

If you learned much from our guide on pressure washing warehouse floors, check out our blog for more!

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Otherwise, if you are ready to revolutionize how your business cleans its storage facilities, look no further than Hotsy of Houston! Stop by our Pasadena store or call (832) 968-WASH(9274) to get started!