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Pressure Washing Graffiti: Will a Pressure Washer Remove Graffiti?

pressure washing graffiti

The presence of graffiti on your commercial buildings can pose an extremely frustrating challenge for any business owner. Graffiti can ruin the visual appeal of your property, fostering a negative image of your company in the eyes of customers and clients.

One of the most common ways to remove graffiti is pressure washing. It is crucial to begin pressure washing graffiti as soon as possible to avoid further incidents of vandalism.

You should not delay cleaning, as graffiti will become embedded over time, making removal difficult without a high-quality pressure washer. While graffiti is exasperating to deal with, this guide will help you navigate it. It will cover everything you need to know about pressure washing graffiti to restore your property to pristine condition.

Can You Pressure Wash Graffiti?

Given how stubborn graffiti can be, it’s fair to ask if removing it is even possible. Can you pressure wash graffiti?

Thankfully, the answer is yes. Pressure washing graffiti is one of the most common ways to remove street art from commercial properties. However, every surface is different, and what works for one commercial property may be less effective for another depending on several factors.

Why Rapid Graffiti Removal is a Necessity

Finding graffiti on your property can be frustrating, and prompt action is the only way to prevent a big problem from becoming even more difficult.

To start, the presence of graffiti has a massive snowball effect. One piece of street art will detract from the visual appeal of a property, prompting people to view the building and its surrounding area as unsafe and neglected. This, in turn, will signal to other street artists that your property tolerates graffiti, attracting more vandalism.

Beyond discouraging additional crime, prompt graffiti removal is also vital to prevent street art from becoming embedded into your surfaces. The longer you let graffiti sit, the more labor-intensive and damaging the cleaning process will be to your buildings.

Understanding Types of Graffiti Mediums

When pressure washing graffiti, it is essential to consider the type of paint and materials on your surface. Every medium requires a slightly different approach.

The most common method is spray paint. Most high-powered pressure washers should be able to remove spray paint, especially with a specialized detergent.

Markers and other paints are easier to remove than spray paint, as you can often dissolve the ink without harming the underlying surface.

Graffiti can also be created using adhesives and stickers. During removal, these can pose a challenge, as you must break the adhesive and remove any leftover residue. We recommend using a high-heat pressure washer to break the seal. You may also need to scrape off any additional residue manually.

Finally, graffiti could be etched or scratched into glass, metal, or concrete. In addition to pressure washing, you must refill or replace the damaged surface to restore it to pristine condition.

Will a Pressure Washer Remove Graffiti?

So, can you pressure wash graffiti?

In almost every case, pressure washing is the most effective way to remove graffiti from your surfaces. For older graffiti or street art made through etching and adhesives, you may need to pair pressure washing with additional methods for the best results.

Is This Approach to Graffiti Removal Safe for the Surface in Question, Though?

The safety of graffiti removal through pressure washing largely depends on the strength of the underlying material and the settings on your machine.

For example, high-powered pressure washing is generally safe for sturdy materials like brick, concrete, and metals. However, delicate surfaces like wood or glass could become damaged unless you choose suitable low-pressure settings.

Given the importance of being specific about the type of power washer you choose, let’s switch gears and help you find the perfect machine for your situation.

Choosing Your Pressure Washer for Graffiti Removal

There’s a lot to consider, between what kind of soaps for a pressure washer to hot water pressure washer vs cold models for graffiti removal pressure washing. You must strike the perfect balance between sufficient cleaning power and preserving the underlying surface.

Hot Water vs Cold Water Pressure Washers for Graffiti

Water temperature significantly affects your pressure washer’s effectiveness when removing graffiti.

Generally, hot water pressure washers are more effective at removing graffiti than cold models. The extra heat helps to loosen paint, remove sticker adhesives, and blast away oils.

However, a cold water pressure washer may be more suitable if the street art is located on a delicate surface, like wood. When using a cold water machine, you’ll likely need a specifically formulated soap blend to remove graffiti from those surfaces without damage.

Pressure Washer Power: PSI and GPM Requirements

All pressure washers have their power described in two critical factors: PSI and GPM.

The PSI for a pressure washer stands for pounds per square inch, denoting the force of the water flow. Higher PSI ratings of at least 2000 but climbing up to 4000 in some cases will be necessary to remove embedded paint.

Pressure washer GPM describes gallons per minute, noting the volume of water flowing through your machine. You want a higher flow rate, often as high as 8 to 10 GPM, to break down and wash away the paint effectively.

While maximizing both factors for the best cleaning power can be tempting, remember that higher numbers could damage more delicate surfaces. Be sure to consult with a professional for guidance on your specific situation.

The Role of Detergents and Attachments in Enhancing Graffiti Removal

The soap and accessories you use are just as important as the machine for graffiti removal.

The best detergents for pressure washing graffiti are specifically blended to break down the oils within the paint without harming the underlying surface, which is especially important with long-standing graffiti embedded into a surface.

We recommend a few different blends from Hotsy, the industry leader in pressure washers and soaps. Breakthrough can work with both hot and cold water machines, stripping the oil used in paint. Alternatively, Ripper is safe for metal surfaces and uses biodegradable materials to remove stains easily.

Beyond learning how to use pressure washer soap, you’ll also want to find the right accessories for graffiti removal. Everything from pressure washer hose length to the nozzle you use can affect your cleaning power.

For example, attachments like rotating brushes or turbo nozzles can allow you to concentrate your stream over specific stubborn areas for fast removal.

Now that you have a thorough shopping list for graffiti removal pressure washing, all that is left is to figure out where to buy or rent a pressure washer and suitable accessories. If you’re in Southeast Texas, we have just the place in mind to find the best commercial pressure washer for graffiti removal.

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How to Use a Pressure Washer for Graffiti Removal: Tips on Pressure Washing Graffiti Safely

Before you run off to buy or rent a machine to tackle the graffiti on your commercial property, you’ll want to learn how to use a pressure washer. Let’s cover the process from start to finish.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Safe Operation

So, what do you need to start pressure washing safely?

You must provide appropriate PPE for safe operation. This includes safety goggles, waterproof gloves, noise-blocking protection for ears, non-slip pressure washing boots, and adequate clothing for skin protection.

Environmental Considerations and Compliance

Before you start commercial building pressure washing, you must verify that you comply with local, state, and federal regulations.

One of the most common regulations in most jurisdictions revolves around runoff water. The runoff from graffiti pressure washing contains chemicals from paint and detergent that can harm the local environment if not dealt with properly. 

While you must check with local wastewater regulations, as a general rule, this involves collecting and disposing of runoff before it enters storm drains or local bodies of water.

We also encourage you to use biodegradable and eco-friendly soaps. Hotsy’s product lines, including Hotsy Breakthrough and Hotsy Verde All Purpose, offer plenty of biodegradable options for environmentally friendly cleaning.

Step-by-Step Guide to Pressure Washing Graffiti

After taking all of the steps required to keep both the machine’s operator and the local environment safe, it is time to begin removing the graffiti.

    • Begin by preparing the area, including removing or covering anything that could be damaged by excessive water or detergents. This often includes plants, electrical outlets, and delicate materials.
  • Fully equip PPE for safety and verify your machine’s settings to ensure your surfaces remain undamaged.
  • Connect your machine’s hoses, nozzles, and accessories to prepare for application.
  • Add detergent by filling your tank, then apply it to the surface.
  • Allow the detergent to soak according to the manufacturer’s instructions to allow the paint to break down.
  • Start pressure washing with a low setting, gradually ramping up the pressure to clean the underlying surface safely. Use sweeping motions to cover all areas thoroughly.
  • Rinse the surface thoroughly. If graffiti is still present, you may need to repeat the process with more detergent.

Post-Pressure Washing: Assessing Results and Additional Steps

Once you’ve gone through the process and verified that the street art is gone from your surfaces, take a few moments to inspect the area. Look for any remaining graffiti, as sometimes small paint spots can remain.

To eliminate these areas of paint, you can use spot cleaning with a lower pressure setting as needed. If pressure washing alone isn’t enough, you may need to touch up the area with paint or sealant.

Finally, dispose of any waste, including runoff water. If you are new to the process, check out our guide on storing a pressure washer to ensure your machine stays in pristine condition while in storage.

Final Thoughts on Pressure Washing Graffiti

While graffiti can be extremely frustrating, it is manageable with a suitable high-powered pressure washer. With the right machine and soaps, you can blast away paint, stickers, and markers common to street art and restore your commercial property to its original condition.

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Otherwise, if you’re ready to get your hands on a hot or cold water pressure washer in Houston, Hotsy of Houston has you covered. Reach out to our friendly team for advice, and we will work with you to find the best solution for your business.