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What Do You Need to Start a Pressure Washing Business? The Complete Equipment List

what do you need to start a pressure washing business list

Whether you are a seasoned vet with multiple business ventures or just beginning to dip your toes in the entrepreneurial waters, preparation is critical to the success of your endeavors. 

Starting a pressure washing business can be fulfilling and profitable, but you must do your homework, starting with crafting a pressure washing equipment list.

As a top dealer of Hotsy, the industry’s most trusted brand, we have worked with plenty of up and coming pressure washing businesses over the years. Our lasting relationships with entrepreneurs in the field have given us insights into what works; and what doesn’t.

So, what do you need to start a pressure washing business? Startup capital, a large helping of entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to use a pressure washer are all essential. We assume you have these things already, as you won’t get far without them.

Specifically, what equipment do you need to start a pressure washing business? Our pressure washing business equipment list will cover everything from the different types of pressure washers to what soaps to use for pressure washers, attachments, licensing, and more.

Remember – you can source all the items on your pressure washing business equipment list right here at Hotsy of Houston. If you aren’t sure where to start, visit our showroom or get in touch with our team today!

Why Start a Pressure Washing Business?

One of the most essential items on our list of things needed to start a pressure washing business isn’t equipment at all; it’s motivation!

You may be a career employee who has mastered the craft of using a pressure washer, and you dream of bigger opportunities. Or you may own a cleaning business and want to expand into the industrial space.

Starting a pressure washing business has plenty of upside, from profitability and scaling to the freedom to control your schedule.

Market Potential and Profitability

Supply and demand are at the heart of any economy, and the profitability of pressure washing businesses derives directly from that. The industry provides a consistent market for cleaning services from residential, industrial, and commercial clients.

Homeowners and businesses may require pressure washing to clean sidewalks, driveways, or buildings. Conversely, industrial businesses will need pressure washing for shop floors, factories, vehicle fleets, and more.

For many businesses, it is convenient to outsource these jobs to external companies, providing consistent demand for your services.

Additionally, your overhead costs will be reasonably low compared to other business models. As we’ll explore in our pressure washing equipment list, you can cover the basics for less than $6,000.

Flexibility and Scalability of the Business

The market for pressure washing business offers additional benefits for aspiring entrepreneurs: massive potential for freedom and scalability.

You can set your own schedule as the owner of a pressure washing business. Perhaps you have kids and want to spend time with them during the week, or you have a favorite lunch spot with an awesome happy hour that an average 9-5 would never allow you to attend.

Whatever your reasons, schedule freedom awaits you as a pressure washing business owner. You can also choose to handle each job alone or to grow a massive company with hundreds of employees based on your goals.

If you are brimming with motivation and excitement, that’s an excellent sign that a pressure washing business is the perfect endeavor for you! Let’s explore the critical question of this guide: what do you need to start a pressure washing business?

What Do You Need to Start a Pressure Washing Business? List of Things Needed to Start a Pressure Washing Business

We’ve checked off motivation and know-how off our pressure washer equipment list. From here, it’s time to build a shopping list.

So, what equipment do you need to start a pressure washing business? We have much to cover, from many power washer models to soaps, accessories, and equipment.

Commercial Pressure Washer

What do you need to start a pressure washing business? A great starting point is the best commercial power washers! We wholeheartedly recommend Hotsy because of their storied history of reliable machines spanning over five decades. 

You’ll need to choose between electric pressure washers vs gas models. Electric models are quieter and more mobile, making them suitable for residential cleaning or indoor tasks. However, gas models are preferred for extra cleaning power in factories and outdoor settings.

Choosing between hot vs cold water pressure washers is another important consideration. Hot water pressure washers are powerful enough to eradicate tough stains like grease and oil.

On the other hand, cold water pressure washers are lighter on delicate surfaces like patios, fences, and vehicles. Cold water pressure washers are often cheaper, making them an easier start-up option.

Finally, consider the size of your model. Pressure washer sizing includes metrics like PSI and GPM, which denote how powerful your water flow is, and you must strike a balance. 

If your water flow is too weak, you won’t be able to eradicate stains promptly, while excess power could cause damage to surfaces, including valuable assets like vehicles. Remember – you can reach out to Hotsy of Houston for a personalized recommendation if you’re in the area, eliminating any guesswork or uncertainty!

Pressure Washer Detergents

Finding a suitable Hotsy model is crucial, but what do you need to start a pressure washing business besides a machine?

Learning how to use a pressure washer with soap can help you achieve speedy cleaning jobs that leave clients impressed. You can find the best soap for pressure washers at Hotsy, with several blends formulated for specific jobs.

For example, if you specialize in vehicle cleaning, consider Hotsy Power-Shine or Hotsy Transport. These blends are gentle on delicate surfaces while retaining enough cleaning power to deliver a shiny finish.

Conversely, if you plan to take on industrial jobs like shop floors or maritime settings, you’ll want a blend like Hotsy Breakthrough or Hotsy Brown for those embedded oil stains.

Additionally, consider the pressure washing pre treatments you are using as well! Preparing surfaces for cleaning will help your soaps eradicate stains efficiently by loosening any embedded debris.

Pressure Washing Accessories and Attachments

Suitable accessories are another critical addition to your pressure washing equipment list. We recommend investing in multiple spray wands that allow you to cover different angles and surfaces. 

Hotsy has accessories suitable for specific jobs. Consider options like the Hotsy Surface Cleaner for shop floors and factories, the Hotsy Foam Cannon for vehicles, or the Hotsy Turbo Nozzle for buildings.

You will also want to invest in the best hoses for pressure washers. These can help ensure a consistent flow of water. We also recommend our guide on pressure washer hose length to help you find the right fit.

Safety Gear and Protective Equipment

Safety is a top priority for you and any potential employees you take on. So, what do you need to start a pressure washing business regarding safety gear?

You must invest in safety goggles, durable gloves, and hearing protection. We also recommend high-visibility vests and steel-toed or similarly durable boots for pressure washing.

Transportation and Mobility Solutions

To expand your business, you must be able to service many locations in your area. Securing reliable transportation is a vital addition to any pressure washing equipment list.

A pressure washing trailer can be securely hitched to most trucks, providing you with the mobility you need. While homemade pressure washer trailer setup is possible, it can be challenging if you have never done it before.

If you want to skip the hassle, stop by Hotsy of Houston! We sell and rent pressure washer trailers in Houston and will assist you with setup to get your business off to a flying start.

Business Licensing and Insurance Requirements

One more vital thing to add to your pressure washing equipment list: your paperwork! So, do I need a license to start a pressure washing business, and how does insurance work?

While specific requirements will vary based on your jurisdiction, it is safe to assume you will need licenses to get started.  You will need a contractor’s license and may have extra requirements regarding water runoff or other environmental regulations.

Insurance is also crucial to your business. Liability coverage protects your company against property damage and personal injury claims. Check your paperwork with your local government before taking on your first client!

Budgeting for the Cost of Your Pressure Washing Equipment List

Now that your shopping list is complete, how much startup capital do you need?

You have plenty of options to start your business and can adjust your budget accordingly. For example, consider the debate of buying vs renting a pressure washer. The upfront cost to rent a pressure washer will be lower than buying a machine, and you could use rentals to build up some initial funds.

Specializing in a given industry can also help you narrow your shopping list at the start. If you want to focus exclusively on vehicle cleaning jobs until you build a solid client base, you could save thousands compared to initially investing in multiple power washer models and accessories.

If you buy all of your materials from the get-go, expect to pay around $6000 for a model, multiple attachments and soaps, and your safety gear and insurance. You may also need a reliable work truck, which could add to your costs.

In the long term, consider pressure washer maintenance costs as well! Be sure to leave room for new parts as part of your budget and price your services accordingly.

Cross Off Everything On Your Pressure Washing Business Equipment List at Hotsy of Houston!

As any entrepreneur will tell you, your reputation is crucial to your business’s short- and long-term success. The only way to deliver high-quality cleaning jobs for your client that will attract repeat clients is by using the best equipment possible.

Hotsy has a storied reputation in the industry for over five decades, with commercial pressure washers for every type of job. Whether you are planning to start a general-purpose power washing company or want to specialize in one specific area like maritime or vehicle cleaning, Hotsy has your back.

If you are looking for commercial hot water pressure washers in Houston, the #1 Hotsy dealer in the area is Hotsy of Houston. We sell everything from specialized Hotsy pressure washer detergents to industrial pressure washers in Houston for tough grease stains.

We are also the #1 home for pressure washer repair in Houston and pressure washer parts in Houston, helping you keep your business running for years to come. Our friendly team of Houston residents is knowledgeable and can help you find the perfect models and accessories for your business plans.

Quick Tips on Getting Your Business Up and Running After Sourcing Your Equipment

You’ve got everything you need to get started, so how do you find your first few clients? Here are a few quick tips to get started.

Initial Setup and Trial Runs

  • Test your equipment: Practice with mock jobs on surfaces you plan to specialize in to get comfortable.
  • Handle Paperwork: Buy insurance, ensure your licensing paperwork is settled, and set up an LLC or sole proprietorship with the help of an accountant.

Building a Clientele and Networking

  • Start with friends and family: Once you’re ready to take on work, reach out to family and friends who may be able to refer clients.
  • Consult with local businesses: Create marketing materials like fliers and offer initial discounts to get your foot in the door.
  • Networking groups: Join a local chamber of commerce and attend networking events, seeking your target clients.
  • Social Media: Creating social media pages for your company and displaying images of sample work can display your ability.

Maintaining and Growing Your Business

  • Customer service is King: Your customer base is the lifeblood of your business. Do an excellent job and ensure your clients are satisfied.
  • Referrals & reviews: As part of delivering excellent work, ask your clients for referrals and reviews to grow your base.
  •  Consider future expansion: Once you have steady work, consider branching into new fields or adding employees.

Wrapping Up Our Pressure Washing Equipment List For Businesses

Overall, starting a pressure washing business is an exciting and lucrative endeavor. With the help of quality equipment and a strong plan, you can create a lasting enterprise with endless growth potential.

Now that you have our pressure washing equipment list by your side, it’s time to start shopping! You can find the best hot and cold water pressure washers in Houston right here at Hotsy of Houston. Our team of Houston natives have decades of combined experience in the field and can help guide you in the right direction.

We also provide commercial pressure washer rental in Houston if you need to tackle a specific type of stain for a new client or want to save some startup capital for future growth. Our friendly team is standing by, ready to help you grow your budding business to reach your goals.

Contact us by email or phone at (832) 968-9274, or stop by our Pasadena location to get started!