Best Pressure Washer Accessories and Attachments to Elevate Your Process!

best pressure washer accessories

Pressure washing offers unparalleled cleaning ability for businesses everywhere, especially compared to manual methods. However, some tasks or stains require extra oomph to get the job done.

That’s why finding the best pressure washer accessories is critical to further speed up your cleaning routines. We’ll be exploring precisely that in this guide, from why finding the best pressure washer attachments is vital to a detailed list of which ones to add to your shopping list.

Let’s jump right in by explaining how the best pressure washer attachments will revolutionize how your business cleans.

The Role of Accessories and Attachments in Your Pressure Washing Process

From commercial building pressure washing to cleaning vehicles, floors, or industrial equipment, the cleaning power of pressure washers is already something to be awed at. However, standard models alone need a little extra for some stains or tricky surfaces to get the job done quickly.

Maximizing Efficiency: The Impact of the Right Attachments

The right attachments for your pressure washer can drastically increase productivity. Let’s take a typical cleaning situation for your business: sprucing up your flooring.

While a standard model can handle the task, you only have access to a limited spray pattern. Conversely, a rotary surface cleaner can do the same job faster, without overspray or striping, making the process a breeze.

Enhancing Safety and Precision in Pressure Washing

Attachments can allow safer access to difficult-to-reach areas, like high walls and ceilings or underneath heavy equipment.

Safe practices are critical to learning how to use a pressure washer, and the right accessories can help keep your team out of harm’s way. For example, an extension wand attachment is ideal for reaching high spaces while allowing employees to stay on the ground level.

Alternatively, an attachment like an undercarriage cleaner will allow staff to clean the underside of vehicles without getting on the ground themselves.

We’ve touched on the benefits of accessories and previewed a few of our favorites, but let’s help you find the right tools for the job.

What are the Best Pressure Washer Accessories and Attachments You Can Add to Your Arsenal?

So, what do you need to start pressure washing? The best pressure washer attachments will vary wildly based on your cleaning needs.

Surface Cleaners: For Large Flat Surfaces

One of the most common pressure washing use cases is large, flat areas like flooring or parking lots. Rotary surface cleaners, like the Hotsy Surface Cleaner, feature a rotating circular housing with spinning nozzles.

Surface cleaners can lift stubborn stains, even those embedded into surfaces like concrete or asphalt. They do all the heavy lifting for you, as all you need to do is pass this accessory over the tough stains and watch the magic happen.

Turbo Nozzles: Increased Cleaning Power for Stubborn Stains

The nozzle within your model is the central component that determines the overall water pressure. Turbo nozzles help you boost the PSI of your machine, perfect for caked-on or embedded stains like grease and oil.

You can find turbo nozzles with different ratings, like the Hotsy adjustable fan nozzles, which allow you to tweak their power for various surfaces.

Extension Wands: Accessing Hard-to-Reach Areas

Extension wands are like an extra pair of arms. For example, the Hotsy X-Jet can reach up to 40 feet longer than the base length of your pressure washer wands, allowing you to reach areas that would be difficult or impossible to access otherwise.

With the help of extension wands, there’s no more need to have your staff climb up on the roof or other potentially harmful areas to achieve a pristine clean.

Foam Cannons: For Effective Soap Application

Learning how to use pressure washer soap is a crucial part of pressure washing. Even with the best detergents for pressure washers, you still need to apply the soap properly.

Cannons help thicken the soap into foam, which creates bubbles that adhere better to vertical surfaces like vehicles, walls, and siding. This helps remove stubborn stains with ease.

Foam cannons also have the added benefit of reducing overall water and soap usage, saving you money on your utility bill and preserving your tub of detergent for future uses.

Undercarriage Cleaners: For Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance

Foam cannons have your back for the top and sides of vehicles, but what about under them? An undercarriage cleaner is excellent for cars and other machinery that are tricky to move.

With pivoting joints, these wands can reach under heavy-duty machinery to clean areas like wheel wells, chassis, or internal machinery.

Gutter Cleaning Attachments: Simplifying Overhead Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters manually can be a nightmare, so using a pressure washer will naturally be easier. But without the right attachments, it may be challenging to reach high gutters.

Gutter cleaning attachments are similar to telescoping extension wands, with angled nozzles and adjustable joints to conform to gutters.

Rotating Brushes: Gentle Yet Effective Cleaning for Sensitive Surfaces

Rotating brushes are perfect for delicate surfaces that must be thoroughly scrubbed. These attachments work great with low PSI models, breaking up dirt and debris without damaging light underlying materials like paint or glass.

Water Brooms: For Quick, Even Cleaning of Large Areas

Water brooms are similar to rotary surface cleaners and rotating brushes, excelling at cleaning large spaces efficiently. You can use them to sweep sidewalks, patios, and floors with an evenly distributed cleaning motion.

Hose Reels: For Efficient Hose Management

The best pressure washer hoses come in variable lengths to manage different tasks. However, managing pressure washer hose lengths can be tricky without a hose reel.

Attachments like the Hotsy Hose Reel help you keep your hoses organized, avoiding any tangling or damage while in use.

Pump Saver Attachments: Maintaining Your Equipment’s Longevity

Pump-saving attachments protect your sensitive internal components from wear and tear. You place these accessories between the hose and wand to divert pressure from your model’s pump.

This helps extend the life of your internals by preventing water from idling within your model.

What to Consider When Shopping For the Best Pressure Washer Attachments

Now that we’ve explored some of the best pressure washing accessories for various use cases, let’s switch gears and discuss how to make the right choices while shopping.

You want to ensure that the attachments you buy are durable enough to survive frequent use, suitable for your model, and effective at managing your cleaning needs.

Compatibility with Your Pressure Washer Model

You can find the best pressure washer accessories possible, but your shopping will be for naught if they won’t work with your model. With so many types of power washers out there, you’ll need to research to figure out which parts your pressure washer is compatible with.

Let’s use nozzles from Hotsy as an example. Choosing a suitable nozzle will depend on factors like the GPM and PSI for a pressure washer. A nozzle that is too large will compromise the cleaning ability of your machine, while one that is too small could cause excess pressure to damage your engine.

At 2000 PSI, a pressure washer with a GPM of 2 would benefit from a size 3 or 4 nozzle. Conversely, a higher GPM around 4 at the same PSI would require a nozzle around size 6 or 7. We recommend consulting with your pressure washer retailer or experts from top brands like Hotsy for specifics.

The differences in pressure washer models also apply to the engine type, like electric or gas pressure washers or hot water pressure washers vs cold. Electric models may have specific attachment requirements depending on the manufacturer, while gas models tend to be more universal.

As for models with varying temperatures, hot water models are more effective with accessories like foam cannons and surface cleaners, as the heat helps create thicker foam and break down embedded stains more effectively than cold water. 

On the other hand, cold water is more suitable for attachments like turbo nozzles when working with delicate materials like wood and vehicles.

Quality and Durability of Attachments

The best pressure washer accessories should be able to withstand frequent use. Look for attachments made of durable materials, including rust-resistant metals and high-quality plastics.

For example, Hotsy offers some of the best pressure washer accessories. Their surface cleaners are made with high-quality stainless steel that won’t rust or suffer damage from frequent use.

Specific Cleaning Needs and Attachment Efficacy

Finding the best pressure washer attachments for your business involves considering your cleaning requirements. Each type of surface or equipment benefits from different accessories.

For example, the Hotsy Surface Cleaner is an excellent choice for large flat surfaces like concrete floors, decks, and parking lots. However, something like the Hotsy Foam Cannon would be a better option if you are primarily focused on cleaning your vehicles.

Ease of Use and Maintenance Requirements

The best pressure washer attachments should be intuitive to use. The last thing you want when investing in a new accessory is to spend more time reading instruction manuals instead of making your surfaces pristine.

This also includes how easy it will be to take apart and clean your accessories. Regular cleaning and sanitization are vital to learning how to maintain a pressure washer. Look for accessories with detachable joints, like swivel joints on extension wands.

Once you’ve identified the best pressure washing accessories for the cleaning needs of your business, all that is left is to find a reliable retailer. If you are looking for pressure washer parts in Houston, we have just the place in mind.

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Bringing our Guide to the Best Pressure Washer Attachments to a Close

Even the best commercial pressure washers can only go so far without excellent attachments. The best pressure washer accessories can transform how you tackle cleaning tasks, allowing you to reach difficult areas and tackle stubborn stains.

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