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The buildup of debris, stains, and hazardous substances is inevitable in oil rig operations. Ensuring that your operations are not interrupted by flammable sludge, oil stains, or debris that can compromise your sensitive and valuable equipment is critical.

Thankfully, a simple cleaning solution can eradicate these hazardous materials with unparalleled speed, ensuring your operations never get disrupted: oil rig pressure washing.

Pressure washing oil rigs has several benefits, making this cleaning method a favorite for oil companies worldwide.

But how does oil rig pressure washing work, and what equipment do you need?

We will explore all that and more in this guide to pressure washing oil rigs, so let’s jump right in!

Why is Oil Rig Pressure Washing Important?

Whether you are brand new to oil rig operations or already have cleaning protocols in place, you are probably wondering why oil rig pressure washing is so beloved.

Pressure washing is the best method for promoting a safe work environment. A power washer’s efficient cleaning ability allows you to eliminate hazards before they become a larger problem. As a direct result, oil rig pressure washing will boost your operational efficiency and extend the lifespan of your precious equipment.

Ensuring Safety on the Rig

Maintaining a safe work environment on an oil rig can sometimes be challenging. Between oil slicks and stains, sludge buildup, and other chemical contaminants, a rig is a breeding ground for slips, falls, and hazardous materials.

Without a speedy cleaning method, many of these hazards often go ignored. As they build up over time, the risk they pose to your employees will grow until a costly and devastating incident occurs.

However, oil rig pressure washing can help you deal with these issues promptly as part of your regular cleaning routines.

Maintaining Operational Efficiency

Pressure washing oil rigs is also an excellent way to maximize operational efficiency. Regularly cleaning your rig of debris, stains, and contaminants will ensure your equipment operates optimally.

Additionally, clearing walkways and paths on your rig will ensure your employees have full mobility, speeding up their workflow.

Prolonging Equipment Lifespan

Pressure washing oil rigs is not solely about keeping the rig itself clean. Power washing is also essential to keeping your sensitive equipment in peak condition.

Regular pressure washing can remove corrosive substances from your equipment, like oil and sludge, the most common causes of deterioration. By eliminating those substances through power washing, you will extend the operational lifespan of vital components.

Choosing Your Equipment for Pressure Washing Oil Rigs

So, what do you need to start pressure washing oil rigs?

When pressure washing oil rigs, you will often encounter thick, corrosive materials like oil, sludge, and grease, which require a specialized approach.

Whether you are figuring out the best detergent for a pressure washer, learning the difference between pressure washer PSI vs GPM, or aiming for the perfect pressure washer hose length, plenty of optimization is needed for pressure washing oil rigs. Let’s cover everything you need to know.

Assessing Pressure Washer Types

Whether you plan to buy or rent a pressure washer, you will want to begin your shopping list by determining what machine will work best for your operations. With so many types of power washers out there, you will need to do some research.

To start, you will need to decide on the water temperature. When comparing hot water pressure washers vs cold models, we strongly recommend heated machines for oil rigs. That is because the heated water provides extra pressure for rigorous cleaning tasks like grease and sludge.

After that, you next need to consider engine type. Between electric or gas pressure washers, we generally give the nod to gas models for pressure washing oil rigs. Gas models offer extra power compared to similarly sized electric models. They are also easier to navigate around hard-to-reach areas since they do not require an outlet.

Determining Pressure and Flow Rates

Because oil rigs often see difficult stains, selecting a suitable GPM & PSI for a pressure washer is crucial.

Pressure washer PSI stands for pounds per square inch, measuring water pressure. For tough stains like oil, grease, and sludge, you want a value of at least 3000, with higher numbers being even more effective.

On the other hand, pressure washer GPM stands for gallons per minute and helps describe the amount of water flowing out of your machine. Without adequate water flow, you won’t be able to dislodge and remove tough stains from the surfaces of your oil rig. Look for machines with at least 4 GPM to ensure you can handle various cleaning tasks on your rig.

Picking Suitable Detergents for Oil and Grease

Next, you need to figure out what kind of soap for pressure washers will be ideal. Focus on tough degreasers formulated explicitly for oil, sludge, and grease.

Our favorite detergent for oil rigs is Hotsy Brown. This formula is blended by the experts at Hotsy for use in the oil industry, with a non-butyl mix perfect for eliminating oil and grease.

However, Hotsy Brown is caustic for galvanized or aluminum surfaces. We recommend supplementing Hotsy Brown with Hotsy Ripper I, which is still effective at eliminating grease and oil and safe enough to use on painted surfaces.

Between those two soaps, you should be able to tackle essentially every cleaning task on an oil rig.

Additional Accessories to Consider: Specialized Nozzles, Flat Surface Cleaners, Telescoping Wands, PPE, and More

Once you have identified some fantastic soaps for the cleaning process, it is time to look for the best pressure washer accessories for oil rigs.

Nozzles play a critical role in pressure washing. Specialized options, like the Hotsy Turbo Nozzle or Hotsy Surface Cleaner, offer extra cleaning power to deal with caked-on oil and grease.

For hard-to-reach areas, a telescoping wand like Hotsy X-Jet can act as an extra set of arms to ensure you thoroughly clean everything on your rig. The X-Jet can extend up to 40 feet, allowing you to reach atop a derrick and everywhere in between.

You should also pair the best pressure washer hoses with a hose reel to help you stay organized while cleaning.

Finally, PPE for your employees is vital to safe operations. Invest in safety goggles, gloves, protective clothing, and non-slip boots to comply with worker safety standards.

Now that you have a thorough shopping list for oil rig pressure washing, all that is left for you to do is to figure out where to buy the best commercial pressure washer and accessories for your needs! If you are in Southeast Texas, we know just the place to go.

What Makes Hotsy of Houston Your Trusted Choice for Pressure Washing Equipment?

Hotsy of Houston is Southeast Texas’ #1 home for pressure washing. From industrial pressure washer trailers for large-scale jobs to specialized pressure washer detergent, you will find everything you need to streamline your cleaning processes.

We are a friendly team of Houston natives with decades of combined experience in the pressure washing industry. We are proud to be an authorized Hotsy retailer, working with the industry leader to provide battle-tested products to businesses across the region.

If you want to buy or rent an industrial cold water pressure washer in Houston, our team will be right by your side throughout the process. Whether you stop by our Pasadena store or just give us a call, we will assess your business needs to provide a personalized recommendation.

In addition to being the premier home for industrial pressure washers in Houston, we also carry pressure washer parts in Houston, including accessories like the Hotsy X-Jet and Foam Cannon and components for maintenance.

We are also the best place to go for industrial pressure washer repair in Southeast Texas, including Hotsy warranty servicing. We will help you assess any issues with an existing machine and avoid disruptions in your operations.

So, from pressure washing trailer setup to industrial pressure washer rental, you can rest easy knowing Hotsy of Houston is here to help your business clean smarter, faster, and easier!

Step-by-Step Guide to Oil Rig Pressure Washing

Now that you know where to shop, let’s discuss how to use a pressure washer on an oil rig.

Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Oil Rig

Without a standardized cleaning process, it can be easy to let minor stains develop into significant ones. You must recognize the signs indicating it is time to clean.

Look for visible oil, grease, or sludge accumulation on your equipment or walkways. If you can see significant buildup, you are already at risk of long-term damage to your equipment.

You must also routinely inspect your equipment for signs of decreased performance. This can signify hidden debris building up within each component, and a quick power wash can help you restore your operations to peak efficiency.

Preparing the Oil Rig for Cleaning

Once you have determined which areas need to be cleaned, it is time to set up for cleaning. Clear the area of any obstacles and loose debris, isolating the affected dirty areas for cleaning. Ideally, you should clean your oil rigs during down periods of operation, but if you constantly have staff present, be sure that you brief everyone on proper safety protocols.

You also want to find a high-quality pre treatment for pressure washing, which will help prepare your surfaces and facilitate speedier cleaning.

Overview of Using a Pressure Washer Safely and Effectively

Using a pressure washer is simple after you and your staff are adequately trained. You must understand how all of a machine’s controls, nozzles, and settings work to deliver the powerful jet stream.

Train employees on proper cleaning methods, including establishing a safe distance from the surface, wearing PPE, and specific spray patterns. For example, starting at the top of a surface and working your way down in sweeping motions is a foolproof way to ensure a thorough clean.

Additionally, you want to ensure your team knows how to use pressure washer soap. Consider how each soap affects different stains and surfaces. For instance, Hotsy Brown is ideal for oil stains on non-painted surfaces, while something less acidic like Hotsy Ripper I can help you spot clean painted areas.

Spot Cleaning Areas Your Pressure Washer Can’t Get

Pressure washing should cover most of your needs on an oil rig. However, you may need a few alternative methods in tight spaces that are difficult for your machine to access.

Manual cleaning techniques may be better suited for these specific areas, such as near delicate equipment components or tight crevices.

Depending on the surface, you may still be able to use Hotsy detergents with a lighter water source or manual scrubbing.

Post-Cleaning Procedures

Once your cleaning is complete, perform a thorough inspection of the area. If any spots are still dirty, restart the process by applying the detergent through rinsing.

After that, verify that all your machinery is clean and functioning as intended. You will then dispose of wastewater per the environmental regulations specific to your area.

Maintaining Your Pressure Washing Equipment

Another key to establishing a consistent cleaning process is maintaining and storing a pressure washer correctly. Learning how to maintain a pressure washer is simple; you just need to inspect your machine after each use for any wear and tear. 

Common areas to focus on include nozzles, hoses, and fittings, which are the most susceptible to deterioration. If you encounter trouble, contact your retailer for specific tips on servicing and repairs!

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Oil Rigs?

So, how often should your cleaning processes occur? While this answer depends on several factors, including the local environment and company standards, we recommend frequent washing to prevent buildup.

As you conduct regular inspections and upkeep on your rig, you can determine the ideal cleaning frequency. Start with weekly cleaning and adapt accordingly. If you are not sure how best to proceed, you can always reach out to your retailer for specific advice.

Parting Thoughts on Pressure Washing Oil Rigs

Pressure washing is the most effective way to ensure your oil rig maintains peak efficiency. The speedy and safe cleaning is the most proven way to eliminate oil, grease, and sludge stains.

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Otherwise, if you are looking for an industrial hot water pressure washer in Houston to assist in eradicating those tough stains, check out Hotsy of Houston! Our experienced and friendly team will work with you to find the perfect solution for your business, so call (832) 968-WASH(9274) or stop by our Pasadena Freeway store today to get started!