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Parking Lot Pressure Washing: How to Pressure Wash Large Parking Lots Fast

pressure washing parking lots

First impressions are everything for businesses. An often overlooked area that can weigh heavily on a customer’s initial view is your parking setup.

The best way to get your parking lot in pristine condition is by using a pressure washer. Pressure washing parking lots will remove built-up dirt, oil, road film, and grease easily.

Parking lot pressure washing comes with benefits beyond curb appeal. Power washing parking lots can remove slippery hazards like grease, keeping your customers and employees safe.

If you don’t know how to pressure wash large parking lots, we are here to help.

We’ll set you up for success. From a parking lot pressure washing equipment list to how to choose a machine for the job, we have plenty to cover, so let’s jump right in.

The Need for Clean Parking Lots

We know what you might be thinking. Is pressure washing parking lots worth it? After all, customers only spend moments finding parking before entering your business.

A few moments in a dirty parking lot can turn a paying customer who stays loyal to your brand for life into someone who keeps driving.

Pressure washing parking lots can also have a massive impact on the safety of your commercial areas, and allowing hazards to accumulate over time can be an enormous liability if an incident occurs.

Impact on Business Image and Customer Perception

A clean parking lot is essential for any business. Dirty parking areas will leave a sour taste in your customers’ mouths, leading to negative assumptions about your business. By not power washing parking lots outside your storefronts and other spaces, customers will interpret that as a signal that everything your business does is dirty and unorganized.

Thankfully, pressure washing parking lots will instantly boost the curb appeal of your business. 

Health and Safety Considerations in Maintaining Clean Parking Lots

Pressure washing commercial buildings and parking lots isn’t just about curb appeal. Pressure washing parking lots has health and safety benefits for employees and customers.

Parking lot pressure washers can efficiently remove debris and dirt that could harbor bacteria or mold. 

The deep cleaning provided by parking lot pressure washers also helps remove any potential slip and fall hazards, like leaves, oils, and grease that often get embedded in the pavement. While parking lot pressure washing prices aren’t necessarily cheap, they are minuscule compared to the potential liability your business would have by endangering customers and employees.

How Much Does it Cost to Pressure Wash a Parking Lot When You Outsource?

While pressure washing parking lots is simple, you may still be interested in paying a company to handle it. However, working with a parking lot pressure washer company can quickly become expensive, especially when compared to buying or renting a machine.

Factors Influencing Parking Lot Pressure Washing Prices

The prices you can expect to pay for parking lot power washing will vary significantly based on the cleaning needs of your business.

  • Lot Size: Power washing parking lots under 5,000 square feet will cost much more. This is because for a company to cover transportation fees and employee salaries, they need to ensure they charge a sufficient price in return.
  • Surface Material: As a general rule, pressure washing parking lots made of asphalt will be cheaper than concrete, and concrete is cheaper than other materials like cobblestone.
  • Types of Stains: The amount and type of stains in your parking lot will also affect your price. They may need to use multiple different types of pressure washers or soaps to clean the lot thoroughly.
  • Location: If your business is far from your area’s local parking lot power washing companies, you may pay extra for mobilization and transportation fees.
  • Obstacles & Accessibility: External companies will charge extra to navigate any obstacles or complex surfaces within your parking lot. This can include tight spaces, light poles that obstruct the mobility of a pressure washer, and more.

Average Cost to Pressure Wash a Parking Lot

Most companies will start at $0.15 per square foot for parking lot pressure washer services, with prices rising beyond $0.30 per square foot. With a smaller area under 5,000 square feet, you’re looking at an average of $1,000 per job.

Conversely, the cost to rent a pressure washer and any extra equipment you need can start as low as $50 a day. You must weigh the potential long-term costs of outsourcing your cleaning against the finances of handling things internally.

Why Invest in Parking Lot Pressure Washing Equipment to Handle the Job Yourself?

With high parking lot pressure washing prices, having your business handle this vital cleaning task internally is an excellent financial decision.

However, deciding between buying vs renting a pressure washer and finding a suitable machine could be intimidating initially. Let’s cover the benefits of taking cleaning matters into your own hands and help you find the best commercial power washer.

Long-Term Cost Savings and Preventative Maintenance

Owning or renting a pressure washer is the best choice for long-term savings. Once you get your parking lots and commercial spaces power washed for the first time, you can establish a routine to maintain those conditions without professional deep cleaning.

Over time, keeping up with your regular preventative maintenance will help you use less soap and energy per cleaning, all while keeping your parking lots free of any damage from embedded debris and dirt. This all adds up to massive cost savings in the long run.

Enhancing Property Value and Curb Appeal

Keeping your parking areas clean has a direct positive effect on your revenue. Pressure washing will maintain and enhance the curb appeal of your business, attracting new potential buyers to your storefronts.

You can also use pressure washing to clean before events, including meetings with investors, corporate partners, or suppliers.

With your parking areas in peak condition, you will also raise the value of any owned property if you relocate later on down the road.

Other Uses for a Pressure Washer in Your Business

Pressure washers aren’t just helpful in keeping your parking lots clean. You can use pressure washers’ rapid cleaning power for various tasks, from sprucing up outdoor furniture to keeping your floors and walls in top shape.

You can find many different pressure washing detergents to tackle various tasks. For example, one popular soap, Hotsy Transport, is specifically formulated to clean commercial vehicles like trucks and cars. With a pressure washer by your side, you can consolidate your cleaning tasks into quick and straightforward routines, all while saving money.

How to Pressure Wash Large Parking Lots Fast

You now know that pressure washing is the best way to keep your parking lots and other commercial areas in top shape. But how does the cleaning process work?

Pre-Cleaning Preparation: Assessing the Area and Planning

We’ll need to start by preparing your team for the job. Thoroughly inspect your parking lot, marking down obstacles, areas with deeply embedded stains, and the types of surfaces present. These factors will affect the types of soaps, pressure washing pre treatments, and machines that will work best for the task.

We recommend scheduling cleaning during off-hours to minimize the amount of vehicles present.

Choosing the Right Equipment: Pressure Washer Types and Specifications

Everything we assessed in the previous step will factor into which types of equipment we ultimately choose. Let’s take a look at a few critical categories:

  • Hot vs Cold Water Pressure Washers: The water temperature of your pressure washer will depend on your local climate. Hot water pressure washers are better suited for year-round jobs but require more energy and are priced higher.
  • Electric Pressure Washer vs Gas: Gas pressure washers offer more power and unrestricted mobility, which is needed to cover large spaces like parking lots. However, electric pressure washers may be suitable for small lots, especially if energy is a concern.
  • Pressure Washer Sizing: Because you’ll need to cover a large area, you want to ensure you have a machine capable of handling the job. Look for models with a pressure washer PSI of at least 1500 and a GPM of around 1.2 to 2. These metrics are pressure per square inch and gallons per minute, affecting overall cleaning power.
  • The Best Hoses For Pressure Washers: Invest in a quality hose that will ensure efficient cleaning of your parking lots. We recommend the Hotsy Tuff-Flex line for extra flexibility and temperature resistance.

Efficient Cleaning Techniques: Sectioning and Systematic Approaches

To clean large lots efficiently, divide the lot into sections with cones or use signs already present to tackle areas more efficiently.

Start at the top of each section and work your way down, using any elevation slopes as a guide. Use long horizontal sweeping motions with some overlap for full coverage. Inspect sections as you move and re-clean any missed areas as needed.

Post-Cleaning Procedures: Inspection and Maintenance Tips

Once everything is clean, we recommend performing a thorough inspection. Once everything looks good, allow the lot to fully dry before re-opening it to traffic.

While things are drying, it’s time to perform pressure washer maintenance. Learning how to store a pressure washer is simple. 

Flush your machine with clean water, including the hoses. Check all parts, including seals and pumps, for wear and tear. Once that’s done, check your gas tank if applicable. Add a fuel stabilizer or empty the tank if you are storing it for the long term.

With all that established, you are well on your way to shiny new parking lots for your business! The only thing left is to figure out where to buy or rent one.

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Bringing Our Guide on Pressure Washing Parking Lots to a Close

If you enjoyed learning how to pressure wash large parking lots, check out our blog! We release frequent updates covering everything you need to know about pressure washing. 

Our latest works include homemade pressure washer trailer setup, how to use a pressure washer with soap, do I need a license to start a pressure washing business, and optimal pressure washer hose lengths.

Otherwise, whether you are looking for a hot or cold water pressure washer in Houston, you have come to the right place. Stop by our showroom off the Pasadena Freeway, call us at (832) 968-WASH(9274), or drop us a line at [email protected]. We’ll help your business get set with the perfect purchase or rental to tackle your cleaning needs.