How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Pressure Washer? Pump, Hose, and Other Repairs

pressure washer repair cost

Businesses worldwide have enjoyed the benefits of pressure washing commercial buildings for decades. With speedy and effective cleaning that helps you avoid operational delays and keeps your facilities in pristine condition, it is easy to become reliant on the fantastic power of a pressure washer.

That’s why when mechanical issues arise, the idea of repairs can be overwhelming, especially without a clear idea of your financial burden.

Having a comprehensive understanding of average pressure washer repair costs will not only help you plan a room in your budget but also provide you with a sense of preparedness and confidence in managing your equipment.

This guide is designed to empower you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about pressure washer repairs. You will learn what you should expect to pay, how to look for more durable machines, and how to take advantage of convenient warranty and upkeep plans to minimize repairs in the long run.

While repairs are often sufficient, they can sometimes become costly relative to a replacement. We’ll discuss how to determine whether to repair or replace.

Whether you need to buy or rent a pressure washer or just need a quick fix, rest assured that you can trust our team for assistance with commercial pressure washers in Houston. You can hop on a call with us at (832) 968-WASH(9274) to discuss your specific needs at any point!

Factors Influencing the Pressure Washer Repair Cost

To fully understand how much you can expect to pay for repairs, consider several factors. Average pressure washer repair costs will vary based on your machine’s age, the damage’s extent, and details of your model, like engine type or water temperature.

Age and Condition

No matter how durable your machine is when it is brand new, time inevitably leads to a slow deterioration. Parts like pumps, valves, and nozzles wear down with each repeated use. This can be amplified by how frequently and intensely you use your machine.

For example, oil rig pressure washing or pressure washing farm equipment will add extra wear and tear to your machine compared to vehicle fleet pressure washing or restaurant pressure washing. This is especially true if you don’t have enough PSI or GPM on a pressure washer, as your machine will have to be used for an extended period to remove stubborn stains.

It is also critical to note that damage to one part may go unnoticed initially. However, as your machine ages, one damaged part can quickly develop into multiple, so you must inspect your machine if you suspect a problem to avoid compounding issues.

Type of Damage

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and the same is true of pressure washers. Learning how to maintain a pressure washer can significantly reduce the need for costly repairs. For instance, a hose replacement may only cost between $50 to $150, while a pump repair could exceed $1,000.

Brand and Model

While time is undefeated in the long run at causing wear and tear to your equipment, you can do your best to significantly delay the need for repairs by investing in the right machine. There are many types of pressure washers on the market, but machines from premium-quality brands will last far longer than cheaper alternatives.

Within each brand, you also have a few considerations to make. For example, if we compare gas vs electric pressure washers, electric machines usually have cheaper upkeep costs as they do not require engine tune-ups and other costly gas replacement parts.

Similarly, the hot water vs cold water pressure washers also involve higher repair costs for heated machines, as they have extra internal parts to maintain ideal temperatures.

While gas and hot water machines have their benefits, planning extra room in your budget for repairs down the road will help you enjoy their extra cleaning power without being surprised by a higher repair bill.

DIY vs Professional Repair

Many business owners seek to save money on pressure washer repair costs by going the DIY route.

While this can work for minor repairs, like oil changes for gas engines, you must consider the risk of causing additional damage with an incorrectly done repair.

While DIY repairs may seem cost-effective, they can lead to more significant issues if not done correctly. A small broken part can quickly escalate into multiple major problems. It’s essential to weigh the potential risks against the hope of short-term savings.

Additionally, professional repair companies often provide complimentary inspections as part of their services, especially when you have a warranty. This allows you to keep your machine in the best condition possible.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Pressure Washer?

Okay, so there are many factors that make up the average pressure washer repair cost. With that established, how much room should you set aside in your budget? Let’s take a look at prices for some of the most common repair jobs.

Pressure Washer Pump Repair Cost

The pump on your machine is one of the most essential parts. Unfortunately, this also means it is typically among the most expensive.

Depending on the size of your commercial-grade pump, a full replacement can often cost up to $1,000+. If you can get by with just a repair, expect your cost to be closer to $150 to $300.

Addressing Leaks

Leaks are one of the most common problems, as a few different parts can cause them. You often find leaks in your hoses, nozzles, and other connection points.

Hose replacements are around $75, a relatively simple fix that won’t cause much downtime. Leaks at other connection points may have more complex causes and could lead to costs above $200.

Fixing Unloader Valve Malfunction

The unloader valve is aptly named, as it controls the water flow when you press or release the trigger on your machine. If this valve is malfunctioning, you may be experiencing significant pressure issues within your machine. This can lead to weak water flows that hamper your ability to tackle tough stains.

Replacing this valve will cost $150+ for parts, as you usually need to replace the entire assembly. Some machines have unloaded valves attached to the pump, adding to the cost.

Electrical System Repair

While electric pressure washers are cheaper than gas models for repairs, mechanical issues will still need to be addressed. You may encounter problems with the power cord, internal switches, or circuitry that can be difficult to diagnose without professional help.

These components can start around $100, not including diagnostic work.

Gas Engine Tune-Up

Like a vehicle, gas-powered pressure washers require routine maintenance to keep them functioning to the best of their ability. While the most common repairs involve basic tune-ups like oil changes, spark plugs, and air filters that start in the $150 to $300 range, extensive damage to internal parts can be much more costly.

Repairing Wands, Nozzles, Hoses, and Other Accessories

Even the best pressure washer accessories can require repairs over time. The most common of these repairs are hoses, which cost around $75+ depending on the pressure washer hose length you are looking for.

Nozzles and other small attachments may be cheaper, in the $40 range. Regular maintenance and upkeep can help you extend the lifespan of these accessories can help you avoid more frequent replacements.

Average Prices for Other Common Pressure Washer Repairs

While less common, other issues can arise during the average inspection. Here’s a quick look at the average cost of different repairs:

  • Belt Tension: This task is relatively straightforward. It just requires tightening or loosening the internal belt to maintain proper alignment. Expect to pay around $40 for this service.
  • Fuel Filters: Fuel filters are critical to gas-powered machines, but issues can hamper their performance. Replacing a filter will cost around $30 and can be done as part of regular upkeep.
  • Ignition Coils: These crucial parts of the electrical firing system on a gas-powered engine allow motors to start and run properly. Replacements cost around $80 and may require advanced diagnostics to identify.
  • Thermostat Issues: Engines may also experience thermostat issues, which cause engine cycling. For example, expect to pay around $80 for ignition coil issues, not including any required diagnostic work.

Is it Worth Repairing a Pressure Washer? Weighing the Cost of Repair Against Replacement

Spending money on repairs can often feel disappointing, especially if you constantly deal with issues. Many business owners ask us when to forgo repairs in favor of an outright replacement.

Ultimately, this decision depends on the factors we discussed above. How old is your pressure washer, how bad is the damage, and is your current model prone to costly repairs?

Our preferred rule of thumb is to consider any warranty protection you have. If your machine is still covered, the only downside to repairs is waiting for the fixes to happen, but you can avoid downtime by temporarily renting a new machine (which may also be covered by your warranty).

On the other hand, if your machine is multiple years old and you get a repair bill that is around half the cost of a brand-new replacement, you will be better off replacing it. This will also refresh your warranty protection.

Now that you have an idea of average pressure washer repair costs and can judge whether you need to repair or replace, you are ready to keep your facilities as clean as possible. No matter which option you choose to do, you will need to figure out where to rent a pressure washer or where to receive servicing. Thankfully, the best retailer and service provider for commercial hot water pressure washers is right before you!

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Closing Thoughts on the Pressure Washer Repair Cost

Before you run off to repair your current machine or buy a new one, let’s recap our article. How much does it cost to fix a pressure washer?

Average pressure washer repair costs can vary significantly based on numerous factors, including the age of your machine, the extent of the damage, the type of engine you have, and more. Parts and regular tune-ups can be cheap or even free with a warranty. On the other hand, complex jobs can lead to higher numbers, like pressure washer pump repair costs of $1,000+.

Ultimately, you will need to weigh your quoted repair costs with the age of your machine and the remaining duration of any warranties you may have. It may be more cost-effective to invest in a new machine once repair costs exceed 50% of the value of a replacement power washer.

No matter your needs, the best way to tackle repairs and issues is to stop by your local Hotsy retailer! At Hotsy of Houston, we have all the resources you need to repair or replace your machine. We even offer on-site services to help you avoid production delays.

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If you enjoyed our pressure washer repair cost guide, check out our blog for more!

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